Monthly Operating Cost of Portable Jacuzzi

hot tub, wooden hot tub, jacuzzi, spa poolsSave money while saving energy. Portable Jacuzzi (בריכות ספא) are much more energy efficient than built-in spas, but only if properly insulated. That insulation and insulating value of the spa cover will be the key determinants of operating costs. The most Energy Smart Jacuzzi (ג׳קוזי)are totally foam-filled with 3lb density. Avoid spas with “peanut” pellet insulation stuffed under the cabinet or those with no insulation at all. Beware of manufacturers who claim that no insulation allows easy access to fix plumbing leaks. Don’t be fooled into paying for high energy costs forever because the manufacturer can’t guarantee against leaks.

You get what you pay for. Reputable dealers will provide third-party laboratory testing results that document typical operating costs. Heating costs for a “bargain” Jacuzzi (בריכות ספא) can run three to four times more a month than for well-insulated models which may cost more initially. In the long run, you could end up paying far more for an inferior product and getting less of what you’re looking for. Request a cost estimate in writing and ask every referral you call what their experience has been.

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