Going to Buy Second Hand Jacuzzi?

jacuzzi, spa pool, hot tub, portable hot tubIf you do locate a used Jacuzzi within your immediate area, you must go and view it and by so doing you will have a very decided advantage because you can then physically inspect and test and check out the spa before you decide to buy. When you can you must always go and personally view and inspect a used Jacuzzi (בריכות ספא) for sale and you need to give it a very careful look over and see if you are able to spot any obvious failings.

You should look very carefully for any signs that indicate a lack of care or regular maintenance. This could include say a permanent water mark line at the high water line (which may suggest infrequently or poorly treated water), perhaps filters which have not been cleaned or changed regularly, and some form of buildup or residue which may be left inside the floor of the tub.

These signs should make you a lot more cautious about buying that particular Jacuzzi, although more often than not a lack of treating the water will not harm the performance of the spa. However in later years you may find latent issues arising in many cases the “damage” isn’t necessarily an indication of how the spa will perform for you or how long it will last in your care. If for example excessive calcium has been allowed to build up in the spa then the jets may get stiff and not spin so easily. Also calcium build up will effect the efficiency of the heater and sensors built into the electronic control pack of the Spa.

The best advice is that you should see any used Jacuzzi (בריכות ספא) in full working action before you agree to buy it. If, when you go to see it and it is empty of water or is disconnected from the electricity then you should obviously arrange for another visit or wait for it to be reconnected and filled up with water, and turned on.

You should always check that all the pumps and blowers are working and that the heater control lights indicate that the heater is on when the spa is calling for heat. Indeed you should make a note of the temperature at the time it is turned on and see that it rises at least a half a degree centigrade with in say 15 to 20 minutes. The spa may have an independent circulation pump and possibly one or two other main Jet pumps and you need to see that they all work properly.

If you do buy a second Jacuzzi you will not of course have the many advantages that come with buying a new unit but you should perhaps ask for a limited guarantee from the vendor and if buying from a second hand dealer in Jacuzzi’s (ג׳קוזי) then you certainly in my view should get a limited guarantee of some kind.

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