How Wood Fired Jacuzzi Work?

jacuzzi, hot tub, spa poolWood heated Jacuzzi (בריכות ספא) procure their warmth from the heat generated by a wood stove which is situated right below the water. The mechanism is as simple as in a fireplace – the wooden logs are simply placed inside the stove and can be lighted using any mechanical ignition source. A special trait of a wood burning spa is that it does not need any additional mechanism or pumping system to keep circulating the water inside the Spa Pool (ג׳קוזי). Wood fired hot tubs create their own spontaneous pumping action which makes the water move evenly inside the tub as soon as it starts to gather heat.

The basic principles in the operation of a wood burning Jacuzzi (בריכות ספא) are similar to regular electric ones. The water keeps cycling via the heating area and the filtration system into the tub to maintain a consistent and desirable temperature. The focus is on keeping enough water at any given point of time so as to contain excessive temperatures inside the heating stove, and maintaining an ample flow of oxygen within it. The best material to use for igniting a wood burning hot tub stove is even burning paper. One should make sure that the fire is well made before proceeding to take a dip. This can be achieved by placing overlaid logs across each other and performing some dry kindling of the stove.

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