Must Know Spa Pool Maintenance Tips

Spa Pool maintenance can be just as tricky as pool maintenance. Here are two tricks that every spa owner should consider:

1. Take advantage of specialty chemicals for your Spa Pool (ג׳קוזי). We’ve talked a lot about pool chemicals lately and how specialty chemicals shouldn’t be overlooked, and spa chemicals are no exception. A few chemicals to consider adding to your routine:

-Spa gloss. Use this wax on your spa’s surface after draining to have it looking like new.

-Cover care. This is one of spa maintenance’s best kept secrets. Maintaining spa covers isn’t usually given much consideration, but covers are expensive and without the proper care, you might be replacing it more than necessary. Spreading this chemical onto your insulated spa cover will make it last longer. It gives the cover a protective coating against environmental elements.

-Scum out. This is the kind of chemical that makes other chemicals and appliances’ jobs easier. This chemical contains natural enzymes that break down oil and other contaminants in the water. Regular use can prevent surface stains and you’ll also find yourself cleaning the filter less frequently.

-No Foam. One of the biggest problems that Spa Pool (בריכות ספא) owners face is foam. When swimmers enter the spa, they in bring elements with them-sunscreen, makeup, and other natural elements-that counteract with the spa water in a way that produces foam. No Foam prevents foaming caused by these residues. Check out these chemicals at a pool supply store if you’re interested in taking advantage of them.

2. Drain and refill regularly. Spa Pool (ג׳קוזי) owners should drain their water every two to four months, sometimes even more frequently, or else the water will start to look cloudy. This is because of the buildup of contaminants and can’t always be fixed with water clarifiers or other chemicals. When people relax in their spa, they’re sweating and their body’s oils and other cast-offs are mixing with the hot water and pool chemicals.

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