Safe Chemicals to Clean Your Spa Pools

The warm water in your Spa Pool (בריכות ספא) makes an ideal hot environment for bacterial and other micro organisms to thrive and develop. It is very important in such cases to add the correct chemical and the correct amount to kill these bacteria. Spa chemicals are the best option, as they are natural and safe.


Bromine has the same qualities as chlorine, but is much easier to use and also smells much better and less harsh. Bromine acts in a similar way, but creates its own forms, which are equivalent to chloramines called bromamines. Bromamines are odourless and are not as irritating as chloramines are for the skin and eyes. Bromamines are actually disinfectants themselves, so they only enhance the disinfectant quality of the bromine. Bromine is better suited for the high temperatures of the water and is more tolerant of the high pH value and is more stable, too.


Chlorine is the oldest and the most traditional way of sanitising water especially of you Jacuzzi (ג׳קוזי). Chlorine is a popular option, but today it is not as advisable to use as it has a strong smell, which is caused by the chloramines and is also irritating to the skin and eyes, so you might want to consider reducing the use of chlorine in your water.


EcoONE is a soft spa water treatment you can use to sanitise the water. It does not have any harsh chemicals like chlorine in it. It is made out of natural enzymes, plant extracts and minerals. It naturally and dramatically cleans your Spa Pools (בריכות ספא) and the water, nullifying the need to clean it again for the next three months.

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