Crucial Things to Consider For Spa Pool Maintenance

Water is a favorable medium for the bacteria to spread and at times these bacteria spread diseases which might be quite fatal. The most common infections you can have due to the contamination of your spa pool (בריכות ספא) are skin infection, eye infection, ear infection, gastrointestinal infection and respiratory.

Here are few basic things you need to know for the proper maintenance of you spa pool (מערכות ספא). Those basics are given below.

• Filtration of spa pool water:

Filtration of the pool water removes all the visible impurities. It is an essential to have a filtration unit to which water is pumped to. This alone is not enough. You need to also disinfect the water. Chlorine is one such disinfectant used for the same purpose. Chlorine kills the microscopic bacteria which prevents the pool users from various infections. It also removes the body fats and generated oils leaving behind crystal clear water. It’s a basic necessity to have this filtration process done.

• Temperature of water:

There are always different reactions that a chemical experiences with the change of temperature. Chlorine,being a chemical, might probably give a different reaction when the temperature is not favorable. You should determine the suitable temperature and then add chlorine for disinfecting.

• Testing:

Testing the water determines the contamination and the required treatment. It measures the alkalinity, pH levels and also the disinfecting level. Measuring the nature of the water helps in the correct treatment of the spa pool (בריכות ספא) water. It is required for you to test the water at least 3 times a week. It is also required that you use a reliable water testing kit to get the correct measures.

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