Ideas for Jacuzzi Surroundings

Ideas for landscaping around Jacuzzis don’t have to be complicated to look nice. The first option is to simply purchase some nice looking planters or pots and some of your favorite shrubs and flowers to surround the Jacuzzi (בריכות ספא). I like to take two larger pots and place one on each side of the steps. Then I plant two narrow finely manicured trees that will never grow out of the pot or become too tall. This frames the entrance to your Jacuzzi making it inviting and beautiful.

The very best approach would be to integrate landscaping designs for appearance with what I personally feel are highly desirable landscaping ideas for privacy. One such an arrangement could involve putting up a screened-in gazebo, which will highlight your Jacuzzi and also make it usable when it’s rainy out or when the insects are swarming. Surround the Jacuzzi by attaching some simple window planters filled with beautiful blossoms. And if gardening really isn’t your thing, you can always use silk flowers which will require very little care.

The options for ideas for landscaping around Jacuzzis (בריכות ספא) just never end. For example, there is an Oriental theme. You could put together a pergola to get the right mix of sunlight and shade. Another good option is to set out some planter boxes and fill them with pretty plants or shrubs that are native to your area. These touches will make your Jacuzzi feel like part of the landscape, even if you just put it in.

The absolutely ideal Jacuzzi would be a built-in set alongside a full-sized swimming pool. A miniature jungle would coordinate perfectly with those two elements. You only have to add several planters in groups of 3. If you use a variety of sizes for the groupings, you will create a terraced appearance. Hibiscus bushes, mini palm trees, and some draped strands of ivy will complete the tropical atmosphere.

There are so many ideas for landscaping around Jacuzzis that this only touches on the many possibilities. However whenever landscaping around a Jacuzzi you must remember to still allow for the drain of the Jacuzzi to be open. You wouldn’t want to flood all your lovely landscaping while refilling the Jacuzzi (ג׳קוזי לחצר). Remember that you can be as creative as you want. Make it your own backyard oasis.

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