Cleaning and Replacing Jacuzzi Cartridges

Unless you use the right cartridge and use it in the right manner, you may end up with Jacuzzi spa water that is not clean enough for healthy use. The key idea here is to keep the filter clean so that it can keep the usable water clean and fit for healthy use. Jacuzzi water tends to get dirty since all the body filth gets deposited, hence using clean filters is important.

As your Jacuzzi filter (בריכות ספא) keeps working and delivering all the desired horsepower over its span of life, it starts to wear out. Yes, you do keep it routinely at times and yes, that does nearly double up the lifespan of the cartridge. But wear and tear is an integral part of the lifecycle of any material, and filter cartridges are no exceptions. You shall have to replace your Jacuzzi filter cartridge at regular intervals for the best of water cleaning results.

If you get the same make and model of your Jacuzzi cartridge, it would be an obvious fit. However, there is always a good chance that the same cartridge model may not be available across passing years. So you would want to start with the measurement so that the cartridge fits properly. The length measurement must be accurate, unless you know the length well enough from the original supplier’s manual.

But you must also take into account that a disciplined maintenance of the spa filter cartridge over time can significantly enhance its life expectancy. Make sure that you clean the filter cartridge two to three times every month, depending upon the load of bathing that the Jacuzzi bears. If too many people use the Jacuzzi (ג׳קוזי לחצר) then you may want to increase the filter cartridge cleaning frequency to around once per week.

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