Jacuzzi Therapy for Muscles pain

Jacuzzi are common across the whole of Europe, with towns like Bath in England and the eponymous Jacuzzi in erstwhile Belgium dedicated entirely to providing thermal and mineral baths to visitors. These historical practices gave rise to the concept of the modern Jacuzzis (ג׳קוזי לחצר).

Hydrotherapy uses the body’s reaction to different ranges of water temperature and the pressure applied by focused streams of water to help alleviate problems. Heat soothes the body and slows down the activity of internal organs while cold is used to invigorate the organs and hasten the circulation.

Jacuzzis and Jacuzzis use a combination of pumps and jets to create a stream of air and water which provide a soothing massage which targets specific parts of the body and positively affect your condition and reduce any cramps, pain or tightness you may have. Also, the buoyancy factor of water reduces the work load on the muscles and reduces the wear and tear caused by the pull of gravity.

Apart from these issues, water therapy (בריכות ספא) is used as a tool for maintaining general health and physical conditioning, and as a treatment for chronic pain. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts use Jacuzzis to keep their body in peak condition and help muscles regenerate after exercise.

There are of course certain restrictions on use of hydrotherapy (בריכות ספא), by people with heart conditions, unsupervised children and pregnant women for example. Also, the extremely elderly and people under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances or medication should steer clear of saunas as well.

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