Jacuzzi Deck Designs

A Jacuzzi is a perfect addition to your backyard, coupled with functionality and aesthetics. It sets the atmosphere for socialization. Designing and planning where exactly the perfect location for the Jacuzzi deck can create a pleasurable environment for relaxation.

Focus on three things in designing a deck: positioning, the structural support, and a room for other furniture that will modify the inside and outside appearance of the Jacuzzi deck (בריכות ספא).

Deck design should match the tub’s design or the trim of the house. Consider functionality. Some Jacuzzi decks are designed just to access the tub, and require simpler designs.

A good design for people who often use it should provide enough space or area for tables, benches or chairs. A large tub with a big room for people’s bathing things is ideal. Install tables, chairs and a railing.

Choose material that will complement the Jacuzzi and house exterior. Rich wood such as oak and cedar are good choices. They beautifully blend and enhance the style of any décor.

Deck screen (ג׳קוזי לחצר) gives privacy to the person using the tub. It can act as a shelter from the heat of the sun, or keep a person away from the watchful eyes of neighbors. Curtains, plants or slat materials can give more privacy.

Deck waterproofing prolongs the life of a wooden deck. Clean the deck before applying waterproofing.

Install soft lighting in the tub area to create a relaxing ambiance.

Self-contained Jacuzzi
This type of Jacuzzi is built above the ground. The electrical installation, filtration and heating system are housed in the tub’s exterior or cabinet. It is convenient to move this around.

Non-self-contained Jacuzzi
This type of Jacuzzi is permanent and installed a few feet underground. Its electrical wirings along with the heating system are installed away from the Jacuzzi (ג׳קוזי לחצר). Such tubs are best with a concrete deck.

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