Enhancing Life Span of Jacuzzi Filter

Jacuzzi filters (בריכות ספא) are used by all of the people who use Jacuzzis. As people keep bathing in Jacuzzis, the tubs gather dirt and dust. The impurities, pollution particles, oil and chemical substances on the human bodies keep accumulating in the spa filter. And that in turn plays havoc on water quality.

The Jacuzzi filter keeps filtering the water throughout the period of its lifecycle. But as it keeps filtering the water, the filter gathers impurities. And unless you clean it on a regular basis, the lifespan of the filter will be curtailed.

There are some well-known practices you would want to follow to clean Jacuzzi filters (בריכות ספא) . First of all, make the cleaning a routine event – one-off cleaning does not help much. Now, while cleaning the spa filter, make it a point not to use a stiff brush – that would end up hurting the filtering system’s overall health.

In the same breath, it helps if you replace your water once in a while on a routine too – the filter’s workload is reduced and you also keep having good quality water with a good intrinsic chemical balance. And another good practice is to maintain is to alternate two sets of filter cartridges (ג׳קוזי לחצר) while cleaning and also to allow the filters to dry off completely before you return them to the spa. Letting the filters dry enhances the lifespan of these filters significantly.

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