Using Jacuzzi Filter Cleaners

Jacuzzi filter cleaners (בריכות ספא) are used to clean the cartridges and the overall cleaning system of the Jacuzzi filters. These cleaners are made to work such that they clean the entire filtering system and make the system free from soil, clogging and other forms of harmful impurities. But the cleaning will be effective only if you follow the right set of rules.

First of all, understand that it is not only the quality of the cleaning that matters. Frequency is critical for your Jacuzzi filter cleaning. You have to clean the Jacuzzi filter (בריכות ספא) often enough. Twice per month is a reasonably frequency that you may want to follow to clean your filter cartridge. It may need somewhat more frequent cleaning if the number of bathing sessions is relatively on the higher side. The driving reason behind regular cleaning being so effective is that a filter accumulates filth proportionally with the amount of use and the time duration since it was last cleaned. So a discipline in cleaning frequency helps significantly

The cleaning can be manual or automated. The manual cleaning would involve spraying the chemicals and rinsing. There are high-quality powdered filter cleaners available which would remove grease, rust, oils and scales from spa filter cartridges. There are chemicals equivalent to muriatic acid available that would be excellent in removing scales caused by calcium. In the same breath, please note that it is normally better to go for non-foaming cleaners over foaming ones for better cleaning results.

The other Jacuzzi filter cleaner it the automated one. These filter cleaners would rotate and expect water to be sprayed upon them so that they do a good cleaning job. The spray of water can be done through hosepipes. They would also use chemicals to remove the scales and clogging. The mechanical and chemical process happens in parallel leading to a good quality of cleaning.

Having more than one filter cartridge at home may be a good option. With two cartridges at home, you would be able to use your Jacuzzi (ג׳קוזי לחצר) while your filter cleaner is being used to clean the other cartridge. Once the other cartridge is clean and dry, it is ready and fit for use.

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