How to Use Jacuzzi Filters

Jacuzzi filters (ג׳קוזי לחצר) are essential to maintain a great quality of water in Jacuzzi spas. These filters remove filth, chemicals and scum from the water. These filters also make the used water free from bacteria and microbes. So it is important to maintain the quality of filtering. A Jacuzzi filter is as good as the cartridge used – so using the cartridge wisely is one of the fundamental steps that one would want to take in this context.

A cartridge is the defining part of a Jacuzzi filter (ג׳קוזי לחצר). It is the cartridge that does the fundamental cleaning of the soiled water. So you would want to care for the cartridge – that way you avoid a lot of hassles down the line by simply applying a bit of disciplined care today.

The filter cartridge would have to be cleaned on a regular interval for the best of results. And the time discipline of the cleaning is critical. If your spa experiences heavy usage then you would want to clean the cartridge once in a week or ten days. In case of lesser use, the cleaning ought to happen around once in a fortnight.

You would want to use good-quality cleaners for cleaning your Jacuzzi filter cartridge. There are chemicals available that act like muriatic acid but are more effective in removing calcium layers. There are cleaning substances that would have to be sprayed on the cartridge and then it would require further rinsing.

Once you clean the cartridge, you would want it to dry off completely before next use. In case you foresee using your jacuzzi while your cartridge is still drying, you may want to keep an additional cartridge at home. Alternating between two cartridges also help in maintaining and even better water quality and enhancing the lifespan of each cartridge.

Just like every mechanical system, Jacuzzi filter (ג׳קוזי לחצר) cartridges gradually wear out. Once they wear out, you would want to replace them. A typical cartridge would easily last around two to three years if you approach your cartridge cleaning in a disciplined manner, as mentioned earlier. While you change your cartridge, make sure that you either get one meant for the same make and model of filter, or use precise measurement specifications so that you can use the cartridge with a really good effectiveness. Going for a branded Jacuzzi filter cartridge is always good for this reason – finding replacement becomes a simple problem to solve.

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