Necessity of Avoiding Cheap Jacuzzi

Watch out for those cheap Jacuzzi (ג’קוזי) imports from the east, those that do not use proper Branded Acrylic with that essential layer of ABS that acts as a reinforcement and then hand laid glass fibre to provide so real strength.

I have seen examples where the fiberglass that is used to reinforce the acrylic is not correctly bonded or joined to the acrylic. It often feels damp as if it has not cured properly. This can in a relative short time cause shells to show signs of delaminating, leaks and blisters. The bonding agents that are used, in this process, are of course very expensive. If you use something cheaper then problems can often arise and as this part of the spa is not easily visible and of course most people would not have a clue where or what it is this is an ideal corner to cut, to save money, if you don’t warrant your products or if you only warrant them for a short time.

The layer of fiberglass that is added to the acrylic to strengthen it should have a 10mm thickness. Cheaper Jacuzzi (ג’קוזי) can sometimes have shells which are thin and they can flex or break under the weight of water and occupants.

These cheap Hot Tubs are more often than not constructed using the cheapest possible methods. The sole aim of being to reduce the cost as opposed to constructing to a high standard of quality. As you can imagine these imports are often made by unskilled workers who are unsupervised working in harsh conditions.

So, my best advice is that one should, only purchase a Jacuzzi (ג’קוזי) that is well designed and built by a Top American or Western, internationally recognized, producer of Hot Tubs and then there is every chance that the product will last and last and give very many years of faultless performance.

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