How Facial Sauna Benefits You?

Not only is this type of sauna (סאונה) great for skin care, it can also be a great mucus reliever helping in unclogging stuffed sinuses. The facial sauna is easy to use; it has an electric heating element on the bottom which heats the water in a small reservoir to boiling point causing the steam to rise.

The facial sauna can be used for intensive skin care. Using a facial sauna puts the moisture into your skin and steams the impurities out. Essential oils are said to have healing properties which gives your skin an even brighter glow leaving it feeling fresh and supple.

The facial sauna (סאונה) helps by cleaning deep below the surface for clear, beautiful skin, in short leaving your skin soft, supple and glowing. Now you can spoil yourself at home just like in the salon: The steam from the facial sauna is ideal for opening your pores and increasing blood circulation.

While the best skin toning benefits come from a full-body sauna, a facial sauna can also produce comparable results. The facial sauna (סאונה) is the ultimate home salon treatment and a wonderful gift idea.

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