The Power of Infrared Sauna

Regularly using a sauna (סאונה) results in all kinds of healthy benefits for your mind and body. Saunas can be used to treat conditions from depression to allergies to arthritis. They detoxify the body through perspiration, getting rid of toxic chemicals. They clear pores, manage weight, boost blood circulation, relieve stress, and relax muscles.

Conventional saunas work by heating up the air in the room, which in turn heats the people. A box of wood or coals in the middle is the heat source. Traditional saunas, however work very differently from infrared saunas (סאונה).

Infrared saunas warm your body without needing to warm the air between you and the heat source. Thin carbon plates or sheets are the heating elements needed in an infrared sauna. The concept is the same as the traditional steam sauna, but infrared saunas do it better, more effectively, and more safely.

Neither oxygen or nitrogen molecules can affect infrared, so that type of radiation bypasses the air and works directly on its object

Infrared light is a type of invisible light on the light spectrum. About 80% of the sun’s rays consist of infrared radiation, and all those healthy benefits are passed along to us in an infrared sauna. One important difference is that an infrared sauna doesn’t contain the harmful UV rays that are in sunlight, so infrared saunas are much safer than sunbathing.

If you’re looking for an infrared sauna for your business or your home, you have several options open to you. Internet search engines are a great place to begin your search, get an idea of the options available to you, and start pricing models that interest you. Saunas come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They ship in easy-to-assemble models that can accommodate anywhere from one to ten people. Even portable one-person models are available to buy if you want to be able to take down and store your sauna (סאונה) when it isn’t in use.

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