Sauna Suites and Its Functions

Sauna suits are used for weight loss and conditioning by professional athletes, amateur athletes and enthusiasts. Typically, these suits are made from rubberized vinyl, which is able to hold up under the stress of active sports such as wrestling.

The use of sauna (סאונה) suits brings out misconceptions about losing weight. That is, to lose weight, your body needs to burn more food than you eat. And, when your body has no immediate food/source of energy to burn, it will start burning stored fat. Sauna suits help you lose weight by burning more fuel, not only by helping you sweat out lots of water. Sweating lots of water does help though, as it helps your body rid itself of toxins. Plus, the water you lose will be regained when you drink more water. However, the food and fat that were used to create the sweat will not go back into your body, so you’ll lose weight!

Good sauna suits allow you to quickly begin sweating and sweat for longer periods of time. Like with saunas (סאונה), it is critical to be careful in order not to become dehydrated. Remember your body is burning calories when you wear a sauna suit, so you can drink water to keep yourself hydrated.

In summary, a sauna suit is a good, and inexpensive, alternative to purchasing or using a traditional sauna (סאונה). If used with care, it can be a great addition to anyone’s workout routine.

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