How to Maximize the Benefits of Infrared Sauna?

Saunas (סאונה) have been popular for thousands of years in cultures around the world. Whether for leisure and socializing, to treat specific illnesses or as a general means of ushering toxins from the body, hot-air baths have traditionally come in two designs; dry saunas and wet ones. Each has its uses, but a new design is proving to be the most efficient for detoxifying the body.

Adjusting to Treatment

Just like soaking in the sun, it is not a good idea to jump in for 20 minutes the first time. Although there is no chance of sunburn, the body needs time to adapt. It is better to start with 10 minutes and build up slowly in order to avoid fatigue.

Eating and Drinking

Users should not consume food for at least an hour before the session. Forcing blood to parts of the body outside the stomach and small intestine can hinder digestion and create more toxins. Urinating before using the sauna (סאונה)will remove some of the toxin burden as well.

The craving for food is a common experience after a few minutes of intense sweating. This happens when the body switches from burning sugars in the bloodstream to another fuel source. Cravings usually pass before the sauna time is over. If not, it is a good idea to eat soon after.

More is Not Better

The optimum time will differ for everyone, and pushing too far past the individual’s tolerance level can damage the body. Like exercise and sunbathing, regular exposure is more beneficial than increasing the time of each separate exposure.

Existing Medical Conditions

The infrared method is just as safe as other types, and similar precautions apply. Use should be avoided during pregnancy. A doctor should be consulted for other cases.

Regularly detoxifying the body is important in the modern chemical-filled environment in everyday life. The infrared detox sauna (סאונה) offers a more effective way to stay healthy.

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