Sauna – Fitness Friend or an Enemy?

Many cultures throughout the world have a tradition of saunas or steam baths and recognize the benefits that they can offer those that take part.

Some of those purported benefits include improved circulation, relaxing of the body and mind and helping the body to sweat out toxins. Many claim that saunas (סאונה) can improve metabolism and help the body’s ability to heal and regenerate. There are reports that steam baths can help with minor illnesses such as colds and even help those that suffer from asthma breathe more easily.

Before you choose to try a sauna, be aware that they are not recommended for those with certain health conditions. Those include those with unstable heart conditions but those who have stable coronary disease might be able to take part. As with any physical activity it is wise to ask the advice of a physician before starting.

The obvious risk to a sauna (סאונה) is becoming overheated. This could lead to heat stroke or severe dehydration. Start by spending short amounts of time in the sauna and be sure to leave if you start feeling faint or dizzy or too hot. It should be a relaxing experience, not painful or uncomfortable.

There are many places to experience a sauna, fitness clubs and spas often include them in their facilities. Be sure to choose a facility that is clean and has trained attendants on duty. Find out if your local laws require that saunas be licensed and if so, ask to see the certification. Do not go to a sauna if it seems dirty or neglected.

One of the major benefits of a sauna (סאונה)is the feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation that you’ll experience. This can help you stay motivated to meet your fitness goals and help ease any minor aches and pains that come after vigorous exercise. Taking time to do things that make you feel good about yourself will only help you as you work towards a healthier lifestyle.

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