Portable Storage Options

Self storage warehouses are of  two types. The first is where the customers have to drive down with their belongings and store them in the assigned unit. The second is portable storage, where a container is sent to the customer. Once the container has been packed with customer’s belongings, the facility picks it up and stores it in the facility. Some moving services also allow customers to keep the container on their premises.

Needs of Portable Storage

Anyone who requires storage but cannot personally visit self storage warehouses can call them and have a container delivered to their doorstep. Some customers who prefer storing their belongings onsite rather than in a warehouse can also use this facility.

Self storage warehouses are used by individuals as well as businesses. People who need temporary as well as permanent storage use portable containers. Individuals and businesses that plan to move out or renovate their property use the containers to hold their belongings temporarily.

Businesses use self storage containers for storing goods, inventory, documents, equipment, and other business paraphernalia. Portable containers can be utilized for accommodating goods during a temporary space crunch or a business event such as a seminar when you need more equipment, furniture, and office supplies than usual.

Businesses that deploy employees on client site use portable self storage containers for storing equipment, raw materials, and supplies.

Portable Container Options

As far as container options are concerned, you can choose according to size and features. Common size options are 6 feet, 8 feet, 10 feet, 20 feet, 30 feet, 40 feet, and 45 feet. Most self storage warehouses offer container size guides to help customers decide on the best size. A regular container will do if you are storing it in a safe, climate protected area.

Self storage warehouses offer many different types of portable storage options. Storage is inexpensive and a better option compared to expensive office rental.

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