Replacing Trampoline Pads

Below is a list of questions that we get asked as a company quite often and feel that they should be answered and made freely available for all to read:

1. Measuring Trampoline – This may seem an obvious answer but it’s not. You measure your trampoline from the most outer points on your trampoline frame. Not the trampoline bed, even though this would seem a logical way to do so. The manufacturers all use the measurements which reference to the most outer points of the trampoline frame.

2. Selecting the right type of pad – This question generally refers to the type of material being used. Generally if you are buying a replacement trampoline pad, yours is either rotten, faded or disintegrated. Generally the pads that are replaced are the cheaper brands that were manufactured poorly to start with.

3. Stopping Trampoline to disintegrate again – There are 2 options you can choose from here. The first is to purchase a decent trampoline cover which protects the trampoline from harmful weather conditions when not in use. The second is to store them away during the winter climate. Frost plays a large part in the deterioration, the cold air crystallises the memory foam and destroys the cells.

4. Colour making a difference – No difference as far as we know and we have been manufacturing trampoline pads for a number of years. Green seems the most viable option and generally the most popular.

5. Are The Trampoline Pads Universal – No. Not all trampoline pads are universal, due to the fact that there are a number of different trampoline designs on the market. Some trampolines have the trampoline safety net poles come straight through the padding and others are integrated with the pads. One thing to bear in mind as well is the shape of your trampoline as this is a vital aspect.

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