Five Useful Jacuzzi Components

1. Cabinet: Before, Jacuzzi (ג’קוזי) and spa cabinets are made of wood particularly pine. These cabinets quickly deteriorate when exposed to the elements. Fortunately, modern spas are now made of weather resistant polymer. They are made to support the structural design for the shell and other equipment.
2. Shell: The shell is considered the most important component because it provides the shape, and structure of the spa and Jacuzzi. Strong shell is usually three-layer, made of acrylic and chemical resistant thermoplastic, backed with fiberglass, and polyurethane: so strong to hold out the weight of the water, the users, the equipment and everything in the spa.
3. Pumps: A spa pump is another essentials of spas. It comes with different features and is mainly used to circulate the water in and out of the spa. Without it, the Jacuzzi (ג’קוזי) water is not pulled and cannot be heated. They also run the jets as well as filter the water. If you have a one pump spa, you have to connect two wires on the pump and controls to provide two separate speeds. The low speed is for filtering process and the high-speed is for the jets.
4. Heater and Controller: The electrical resistance heaters are used to warm the water as it passes via the assembly housing where the coil that generates the heat is installed. The controller allows the pump, filter, heater and jets to work well while providing therapeutic water jets.

5. Purification and Filtering System: Water purification is important if you want to experience the most out of your spa. Though they differ in size, Jacuzzi (ג’קוזי) filters work the same: they trapped spa particles as water pass through them.

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