5 Trampoline Safety Tips For You

A trampoline safety enclosure is a net designed to prevent jumpers from falling off. A safety enclosure can also add to the jumping fun by providing a barrier to keep safe play objects, such as soft foam or crushable balls, inside the enclosure and out of the neighbor’s yard. The simplest safety enclosures consist of three basic elements: poles, net and mounting hardware. A good safety enclosure is a must for trampolines (טרמפולינה) with platforms higher than ground level, and are always recommended for platforms at any level because jumpers can get as high as 9 feet when jumping.
Please keep these 5 Simple Trampoline Safety Tips in mind when it’s time to jump: 
• Always supervise children while they are on the trampoline.
• No stunts, somersaults or flips.
• Allow only one person on the trampoline
 at a time, and no kids under 6 years of age. 75% of injuries result when more than one person is on the trampoline at the same time. The person weighing less is five times more likely to be injured than the heavier person. 
• Make sure the trampoline and enclosure has had proper maintenance and all parts are in good condition.
• Make sure the trampoline is on a level ground and is at least three feet away from other structures, trees, etc.

Many people were seriously hurt in the old-school trampoline days with injuries ranging from mild bruising or scratches to paralysis and even death. With today’s improvements in trampoline technology, jumping is safer than it ever has been. Be sure to go to a reputable supplier when making your purchase, and choose the models with the best safety ratings. And always follow the safety tips. You’ll be happy you did. Now let’s get jumping.

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