Exercises You Can Do On a Mini Trampoline

Mini trampolines provide all of the benefits of a concentrated plyometric exercise session minus the strenuous impact on joints which can occur with traditional jumping. Before you start with a regular mini trampoline fitness routine, we suggest that you practice some of these basic moves first to get yourself familiarized with working with the equipment and cut safety risks.

First you must master stepping off and on of the mini trampoline. If you cannot manage the mount and dismount, none of the rest matters! Make sure when you step on the trampoline, you put one foot directly in the center and then tilt your body slowly on to that foot until you can lift your other foot up with it. When you are ready to step off, it is best to step off to the rear with one foot. Make sure to look first before you take the step.

Begin by centering yourself on the trampoline with your feet together. Begin with short bounces in which your feet don’t stop touching the trampoline. Continuing to bounce higher until your feet do leave the trampoline, however make sure not to bounce too high and be aware of where the ceiling is so you don’t bump your head.

A great move to include in your fitness program is running in place, walking or jogging. This is a great exercise for cardio that decreases the impact to your joints. First, begin by centering yourself on the mini trampoline. Next, lift one foot up at a time in a marching movement. The higher you lift your foot, the better workout you will receive. You can then speed up to a jog or run if you are able.

Mini trampolines are astonishingly great for taking your yoga routine to the next level. To begin, keep steady on one foot, with your other foot just raised slightly. Hold this posture as long as possible. Next you can extend your other leg out to the side, in front of you, and behind you. After you can do that, you can take a shot at some popular standing poses such as the tree pose or the chair pose. Working on these will increase your balance since you will be doing them on a flexible surface.

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