Jacuzzi Therapy

Spa Pools are also common across the whole of Europe, with towns like Bath in England and the eponymous Spa Pool in erstwhile Belgium dedicated entirely to providing thermal and mineral baths to visitors. These historical practices gave rise to the concept of the modern hot tubs.

How does it work?

Hydrotherapy uses the body’s reaction to different ranges of water temperature and the pressure applied by focused streams of water to help alleviate problems. Heat soothes the body and slows down the activity of internal organs while cold is used to invigorate the organs and hasten the circulation.

Jacuzzis use a combination of pumps and jets to create a stream of air and water which provide a soothing massage which targets specific parts of the body and positively affect your condition and reduce any cramps, pain or tightness you may have. Also, the buoyancy factor of water reduces the work load on the muscles and reduces the wear and tear caused by the pull of gravity.

Benefits of the therapy:

• Aids in detoxification of the body and waste elimination
• Relaxes the muscles
• Hydration of the body
• Stimulating blood supply to organs
• Bolstering the immune system
• Improving the rate of metabolism

What was once a luxury available to only the elite has now become more accessible, and there are variants available in various configurations and sizes to suit every pocket. In the hustle and bustle of modern life, there are far too few occasions where we can truly unwind and de stress and Jacuzzis allow you the opportunity do just that, in the privacy of your own home and with your loved ones, so go ahead and get hydrated.

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