Caring Methods of Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

The majority of Jacuzzi pools are designed to last for many years, but they’re designed to do so only when proper care guidelines are followed.

The current high-quality Jacuzzi use sanitation systems that are on par with or better than most modern swimming pools. But while these sanitation systems are for the most part automated, you do have to apply the treatment supplies for them. Proper care involves making sure these supplies are put in your Jacuzzi and activated in the prescribed amounts. Maintaining a clean Jacuzzi with a proper pH balance doesn’t just make the Jacuzzi more pleasant for use, but will help to prolong the life of the tub.

Also, a common mistake is to take your garden hose and fill your Jacuzzi with that water. It is much better to use a water source that has not had water softener added. Filtered but not softened water is usually the best choice to prevent the accumulation of materials that can clog your Jacuzzi jets and heater.

It cannot be overemphasized just how important it is to have the proper chemical balance in your Jacuzzi in order to prevent damage to it. It’s best to follow a weekly maintenance schedule for cleaning your filters and balancing the water. Most people do this monthly, but if you do it weekly, you’ll find that soaking and scouring the filters takes very little time. You may also want to spray a mild disinfectant on the filter and the rinse it again. Weekly care should prevent the need to change the water, except in cases where the Jacuzzi receives heavy use by multiple people.

If you practice weekly Jacuzzi care, it shouldn’t take you more than half an hour each week to keep it in “like new” condition for many years to come. Make sure you read the guides that come with your tub for specific information about its proper care. Also, note what warranty and care services the store of purchase and the manufacturer offer. Most stores will even let you bring in water samples for testing to see if your tub water is balanced.

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