Guide to Wooden Spa Pool For Your Home

The original Spa Pools (בריכות ספא)  made hundreds of years ago were circular and made out of wood like very large beer barrels and today some modern acrylic Spa Pools are produced in that shape also. These round Spa Pools provide a great deep Tub with plenty of Jets and a great Hydro massage effect.

The combination of warm water with, massage Jets and buoyancy helps to provide a pleasant sensation that not only is able to bring some relief to muscles & joints but is also able to relax the mind, body and spirit.

Modern Spa Pools have an increasing number of more powerful jets strategically placed for maximum benefit; these Jets offer supreme therapeutic support in a carefree setting. This helps to increase blood flow and aid circulation, reducing muscle strain and soreness, and helping to relieve pressure and tension throughout your body.

Safe, enjoyable and very effective for the whole family, hydrotherapy and the health benefits of a Spa Pools (בריכות ספא) will help everyone enjoy a much more active lifestyle. Modern Spa Pools originate back in time just over half a century ago when the Jacuzzi brothers invented a portable whirlpool pump and from there on in the Spa Pool Industry has not looked back.

From about that time the trend has been for plastic Spa Pools either made in glass fibre and more recently in Acrylic which is molded by thermo-forming into the shapes that we see today. Both these materials allow for a high degree of molding and shape and they are very good for ease of maintenance. They also do provide an outstanding hydro-therapy coupled with a pleasant hydro massage.

However, these materials are not from nature as Timber is and of course being manmade they lack any kind of scent or smell. The man made materials just do not produce any form of natural aroma.

For hundreds of centuries before the advent of modern technology and plastics, wood was the material used in making Spa Pools (בריכות ספא) . There really was not any other alternative choice of material available. However, certain types of wood, similar to wooden boat construction automatically lent themselves to the overall Spa Pool experience. The woods that spring to mind are Oak and Cedar. Both these woods expand when wet which forms a better waterproof seal for the tub.

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