Know The Working of A Spa Pool

There are two types of spa pools (בריכות ספא) available in market – the wooden-staved simple baths and the plastic tubs you have seen in those fancy spas.  These come in different exciting shapes to fit into your garden theme and are colored from the simple natural wooden finish for wooden tubs to vibrant oranges for plastic tubs.  As a rule, these spa pools are installed outdoors and will require protective covering against extreme heat and cold.

Spa pools are available in different sizes and shapes.  Larger tubs can accommodate as much as seven people and even more if customized for special requirements.  The shape of the pool is also critical when making a choice because you have to consider the size and number of the people who are going to regularly use the tub.

The Working of Spa Pool:

Filling the tub

Before enjoying a hot soak, water is drawn from the source and passes through a system of pipes and goes into a heating apparatus before it finally goes into the tub where it is released in jets of water.

Water filtration

The water that is drawn into the spa pool (בריכות ספא) is filtered with a pressure filtration system that uses cartridge to filter out impurities. Another type of filtration, the suction filtration system uses suction action to skim impurities while the water is drawn into the pump and before it reaches the heating system.

Water temperature

The latest models of spa pools, you will be using a digital keypad to select the water temperature. Once you have picked out your desired temperature, the information is fed into the control box, which regulates the different parts of the spa pool (בריכות ספא).

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