Tips For Taking Care of Water In Jacuzzi

Once you finish bathing, you simply leave the spa pool (בריכות ספא) and reuse it for bathing at another time. You have to use a sanitizer to keep the water clean, just as you do with a spa pool. However, there is less water in the spa pool, so you don’t need to use as much sanitizer.
One of the sanitizers you use for the water in the spa pool is chlorine, but you also need to use other chemicals. Bromine is one of these chemicals and is not as harsh on the skin or does it have the string chemical smell of chlorine. You do not have to pour in this chemical because it comes in the form of tablets that contain a combination of chlorine and sodium bromide. Most of these spa, spa pool (בריכות ספא), and Jacuzzi sanitizing systems make use of a floating brominator that helps the tablet to dissolve slowly in the water.
Another method you can use for sanitizing the water in the spa pool is an ozonator. This requires a special piece of equipment that has to be installed inside the motor, which will produce the ozone into the water to destroy the bacteria and other contaminants that will develop in the water from the use of cologne and other materials that you and your guests use in the water. However, ozone will not do everything that you need for cleaning the water and you will still need to use bromide tablets on occasion. All the newer models of spas and spa pools do have this ozonator included in them.
You should drain the water out of your spa pool (בריכות ספא) every three or four months and give it a good cleaning. The filter needs to be cleaned on a monthly basis and replaced once a year. When the filter is not cleaned, the water will be dirty and adding chemicals will not sanitize it as much as is needed.
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