Beautiful Floating Lights for Your Spa Pool

Floating spa pool lights are available in many different colors and styles to ensure that you can find some to suit your budget. This style of lights is not only a fantastic way to keep the area lit, but also create the ultimate party atmosphere.

Many people forget to install pool lights when they have their spa pool (בריכות ספא) put in place, or they think they are too complicated and expensive. There are two main types of floating spa pool lights to choose from, which are rechargeable battery lights and solar energy lights.

Solar floating pool lights

Solar lights in any form are the most cost-effective and energy-efficient option that you have. Having them in your spa pool is an excellent idea as they charge all day from the sunlight and will light up the pool all night.

Floating lights are the perfect solution if you are not technically minded and do not want to use conventional hardwired electrical lighting near the pool. You can buy them, charge them and have them in the water within hours ensuring that everyone can see what they are doing. The lights will provide the element of safety that may be lacking around the spa pool (בריכות ספא) and ensure that everyone has a great time.

Rechargeable Floating pool lights

Rechargeable Floating lights are powered by batteries that will need to be disposed of correctly. The batteries will only power the floating pool lights for up to four hours, which may be a short time if you have many parties. When they go flat they will need to be recharged, which is simple to do, however, some people forget until it is dark.

These styles of floating pool lights are cost effective, portable and easy to use in your spa pool (בריכות ספא) or Jacuzzi. When the batteries need charging they simply need to be fished out of the pool and charged until they are needed again.

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