How to Install Jacuzzi Hot Pools?

You can install a jacuzzi (ג’קוזי) with the help of an expert or you can do it at your own. Installing a jacuzzi’s not an easy task and needs to be minutely taken care of for a number of things. A number of things need to be determined before purchasing a jacuzzi.
1. Make the Floor Leveled: The floor at which the Jacuzzi bathtub is to be installed should be properly leveled. If the floor is uneven by a bit, you need to level the area in order to sit the tub. In case of uneven floor level you may run into lot of troubles, such as malfunctioning of drainage system and jets. The floor should be strong enough to support the weight of tub.

2. Make a Stable Ground: The Jacuzzi (ג’קוזי) bathtub is a heavy item even when it is empty. When filled with water and loaded with few persons, it can go to almost 200 pounds per square foot. So the base area of the floor on which the Jacuzzi will rest should be made solid and stable.
3. Make a Supporting Frame: The bathtub should be supported along the entire length of the bottom and the rim. So the area supporting the bathtub should be framed. Some Jacuzzi units come along with frames. If the tub that you purchase is not pre-framed then either you can hire a carpenter to develop a frame or you can buy a readymade frame suiting your unit.

4. For Wiring Contact an Experienced Electrician: Until and unless you are a certified electrician, you should not go for the electrical wiring part of Jacuzzi’s (ג’קוזי) installation. Such type of work involves electricity in close proximity to water, the risk is pretty much enhanced.

5. You need to clean the construction area to remove all residues. Then you should check that all connections and fittings are secured. Fill the tub with water above the jets and check for leaks.

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