Spa Pool Heaters

Spa pools (בריכות ספא) are mainly used for relaxation purposes and heaters extend the season of the spa pool so that they can still be used during a cold weather.

Today in market there are four types of heaters available. The most popular ones are gas heaters which use propane gas or natural gas to heat spa pools. In a gas heater the water is channeled through a heat exchanger and then back to the pool. An oil fired heater is very similar but uses diesel as the energy source. These heaters can be expensive to install and run but may appropriate if you already have the fuel available on-site for domestic heating.

Another type of spa pool (בריכות ספא) heater is the electric heater. These heaters heat the water more slowly than gas heaters and are not cheap to run. Because of this, it is only advisable to use electric heaters on smaller pools to save on the heating costs. Electric heaters work in much the same way as gas heaters in that they heat the water directly.

Because they minimize costs and have green credentials spa pool heaters that are more environmentally friendly are becoming popular. Solar heaters gain heat from the sun through solar panels and are controlled by a time clock and thermostats. A compromise is to use these in conjunction with some other type of heater to reduce the fuel used by that heater. Heat pumps do not actually generate heat they “pump” it from the surrounding air into the water. They are very energy efficient but they take a long time to heat the water and are reliant on the warmth of surrounding air.

With so many options for a spa pool (בריכות ספא) heater nowadays, anyone can choose a suitable heater or perhaps a combination that will be appropriate for their budget and needs.

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