Types of Spa Treatment

Spa pools (בריכות ספא) are not all about only massage but it includes much more services like wraps, hydrotherapy, facials and scrubs.


Scrubs are meant for removing dead skin cells on your body. In other words we can say that you can exfoliate your skin. Why is this important? Exfoliating allows your skin to breathe again and helps to prepare your skin pores to absorb great ingredients like massage oils and bath salts.


If you are a male reading this, you might wonder what the heck a facial is! After all, you might have been hearing it all the time from your female colleagues. A facial is actually a skin treatment for you face that includes exfoliating, masks, peeling and basically cleansing and renewing the face.


Most people have the misconception that a body wrap is only suitable for people who are overweight. But this is only half true. A body wrap at the spa (בריכות ספא) can also detoxify the body, eliminating all toxins. How does it work? While wrapping your body, heat is intensified. Therefore, you body is tricked into believing it has fever. In this state, your body naturally purges most of the toxins. It doesn’t end there. These wraps can also nourish your body, using aromatherapy and herbal wraps.


It actually means water therapy. How can you use water to heal yourself? If you are thinking Jacuzzi (ג’קוזי) , you are almost right. Usually in spas, they use special tubs that look like a mixture of a Jacuzzi and a bath tub. Hydrotherapy can relieve pain and certain illnesses.

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