Aramsa Spas -Enjoy the Full Experience of Spa in Garden

Aramsa Spa is also called Garden Spa which is founded on such belief that, Nature is the best remedy for imparting Spa services. It is created within the greenly of the national park, having 17 designed room for treatment which are unique. The ambience of Aramsa Spa is prepared in such a way that represents the garden look.

Aramsa Spa has designed it face and body treatment based on organic which is been certified, and products rich in nutrients. These treatments are called Intelligent nutrient Organic Massage and Organic Facial. The organic used in treatment is certified oil which is combined to nourish the skin when the massage of the body is done. On the other hand organic nutrients are used for facials which are used as an anti-oxidant and hydrating to nourish the skin.

This Spa system used many treatments like massage therapy, wrap therapy, exfoliation, and water therapy .Apart from these therapies it includes nail spa therapy, face therapy, eye therapy and facial therapy. Its facilities includes like green room cafe where you will feel like sitting in the garden and enjoy your drinks and also the facility of canopy dining.

Aramsa Spa also provides their clients Jacuzzi (ג’קוזי) which is hot tub containing warm water for treatment along with massaging jets facility. These Spa pool (בריכות ספא) have inbuilt massaging jet which relax your body and mind. It also provides Hot spring where you can again used hot tub but containing mineral water for its treatment, this is often called as Hot spring Spa.

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