Silk Day Spa -Based on Traditions and Rituals

Silk Day Spa aims to provide best service to its clients, so they made it a special place to visit again and again for its best services. Silk day Spa treatments are based on Eastern as well as Western perspectives.

Western practices aims at improving the balance between the strength and flexibility of the body where as Eastern practices aims at maintaining the balance between the mind and body in respect of well-being. Apart from this, eastern practice also aims to energies the body. Their Special Treatments renew the luster of the body along with mind.

Silk day Spa package is very good for expecting mothers because they give useful knowledge in this field which is best for mothers and their babies. They also offer excellent packages for clients including Pre-natal massage which helps to relieve the stress and discomfort occurring in most of their clients.

Silk Spa day treatments include Special massage for men, Facials, Scrubs and different therapies for treatments, including waxing of hands and feet. Their special packages are also available at discounted rate for all their clients. Their Spa special packages are made different for businessmen and bachelors. Their product line includes gift shops and stores where you can purchase their products. To have the benefit of spa at home you can also purchase Jacuzzi (ג’קוזי) a hot tub with massaging jets inbuilt to take the benefits of Spa at home. These Spa pool (בריכות ספא) can be placed inside and outside the house.

They can also go for Hot spring a hot tub spa which contains mineral water in providing its services.

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