Group Spa Day-Enjoying Whole day with Our Friends and Dear ones

In Group Spa day you will plan your Spa services with your friends and dear ones for a full day which is known as Group Spa day. Many hotels offer Group Spa Days where they provide private treatment room for 2 people at a time for treatment of Spa services or massaging treatments. They also provide many facilities for 2 people in a treatment room, like T.V and DVD player.

Apart from this facility by booking Group Spa day in hotel it will add other benefit like enjoying champagne with lunch, and all the good treatments with good Spa facility. Group Spa day is the best day where you had a chance to enjoy some special moments with your dear ones. For a whole day you can share each and everything together starting from treatments till lunch.

 In this kind of Spa you don’t need to worry about anything Spa host is appointed as soon as you’re booking done.

Some of the facilities which were included in Group Spa Day are:-

•    Swimming in Indoor swimming pool.
•    Taking the benefits of latest equipments in Gym.
•    Enjoy bath together in Jacuzzi (ג’קוזי) with it inbuilt massaging jets facility to relax the body. Sitting in these Spa pool (בריכות ספא) will spend more time with our friends along with relaxation and enjoyment.
•    Had a chance to play games inside or outside.
•    You Can Enjoy Spa pool (בריכות ספא) together starting from Sauna to Steam room.
•    You can also enjoy Hot Spring Spa a kind hot tub containing mineral water for treatment along with any kind of refreshment available any time.

     Thus,Planning Group Spa filled you day with enjoyment.

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