Kohler Waters Spa- Key to Relax and Nourish the Body and Mind

Our body is our essence, according to Kohler it is assumed that the body in water helps it to relax and restore. Therapeutic at Kohler gives excellent water treatment which adds one of the benefits in it. At Kohler Water Spa you will relax your body and mind together.

This Spa is located near American club in Kohler which provides nourishing treatment with other benefits included in it. Kohler Spa has treatments rooms along with locker room, warm relaxation pools which is also known as Jacuzzi (ג’קוזי), which is specially to massage the body with its inbuilt Massaging jets. This Spa pool (בריכות ספא) is located inside as well as outside according to client’s convenience.

These Spa Systems also provides well-being in every corner. It has Glass-enclosed rooftop desk with an area which is enjoyed by clients. People of this club are requested to take this good service of Kohler Water Spa. Their Spa Service includes excellent treatments rooms with many amenities inside as well as outside. Apart from these it also offers Saloon Services, swimming pools including Hot Spring which is mineral containing warm water tub helps to treat many diseases, placed inside and outside the resort. Because of its mineral water facility it is also known as Hot spring Spa.

Kohler also gives the facility of Sauna room, Steam room, and Exercise room with latest equipments. This Water Spa has been proved excellent and won many awards including Forbes Four Star Award.

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