Natural Spa Pools

You may have spa pool (בריכת ספא) at home or you use it number of times. Spa pool contains hot water which gives relaxation to the body. After all, these pools are called artificial spa pool but, have you ever thought about the natural hot tubs, hot springs, or spa pool. Hot spring produced through natural heat from the earth’s core. In other words, it is a natural hot tub which heated from the geothermally heated ground water from the earth’s crust. If you are planning to go those places and get spa treatments so, please don’t think about it because, it is very dangerous but, still there are some places where you can get in to the natural tubs. Some places where you will find hot springs are:

•    Geysir hot spring, Iceland
•    Spa, Belgium (the town of spa)
•    Icaria, Greece
•    Deception Island, Antarctica

Going to spend some time or in vacation with family/friends is good in natural place. If you want to get spa treatments in natural environment so, you have 2 options; either you can decorate your spa pool in such a way, it looks like  a natural pool or you can go to a spa resort for few weeks or months to have fun. In today’s busy life, if you don’t have time to go for wonderful vacations so, you can go for the first option where, you need outsource the task and select the theme after some days; your natural spa is ready for you.

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