Be Ready To Get Zero Gravity Experience

You might be curious to know, how to get zero gravity or weightless experience on the earth. Without going to space and without spending millions and trillions of Dollars you can get zero gravity experience. The secret is a Trampoline (ג’קוזי לגינה). You may be aware or not but, it is true while doing exercises or having fun, you are experiencing weightlessness. It could be for a fraction of second but, the feeling is exhilarating.

You will be wondering how it is possible but, don’t compare it with the 100% zero gravity or experience in the space center because the weightless experience I am talking about, is only for milliseconds. That is the main reason why kids jump on the trampoline for days-in and days-out. Trampoline comes in different types, brands and also according to the different purposes, it is being put into. You have to know the specific reason of using or buying a trampoline. Buying one trampoline for all purposes is not correct and the purpose will not be resolved. The purpose could be anything like: Exercise, fun, jogging, gymnastics and so on.

Trampoline is good for exercises. When you jump on it improves blood circulation and gives relief to the joint pains. It increases the bone density, which means it is good for the aged people. It may be dangerous if you don’t use safety precautions otherwise, the positive effects will become negative effects. So, follow the instructions or you can get in touch with an expert; which trampoline is suitable and what precautions you must follow while using a trampoline.

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