Choose The Best Amongst The Rest

When, you go to the market to buy a trampoline (ג’קוזי לגינה), you may be confused or you may be not able to decide which trampoline you should buy.  There are numbers of trampolines are available in the market and all of them are different from each other in the way of shape, size, design, etc. I would suggest you to talk to an Expert regarding which trampoline is suitable for you. There are different types of trampoline are available in the market like:

Gymnastics Trampoline: May be you heard this term first time but, I am sure you have seen this number of times in Olympics. They are just parallel beams of bars. If you notice you will find the gymnastics trampoline in Olympics.
Exercise/ Mini Trampoline: This is a common trampoline. You will find this trampoline every where. This trampoline is only use for exercises like jogging, small jumping. Most of the mini trampolines are circular to divide the weight.
Rectangular Trampoline: This trampoline is more for some serious exercises. This is mainly used by Athletics and professionals.
Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline: It is nothing, just a broad term for all the trampolines. Generally, Trampolines come in 2 types first in indoor and second is outdoor depends on the shape or size.
Recreational Trampoline: This may be the last type of trampoline. These Trampoline design on the special requests. This may costs little bit high but it will be 100% as per your need and requirement.

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