Maintain Your Spa Pool

Everyone loves to get spa treatments and spend time in spa pool (בריכת ספא). We use spa pool at least once in a week, it is also important to maintain it also. Maintenance includes checking filters, water, cedar surround, spa pump and associated equipments. If you are using the spa pool without maintaining it, so, it may be become useless very soon and you have to again plan to get a new pool. After following some maintenance steps you can increase the life of your spa pool. You also can get lockable cover it will help to prevent the water from fungus and make the water clean from dust. Maintaining spa pool is as simple as using it. Just you have to make a schedule like: after how many months, weeks or days you will follow the maintenance task. Some schedule tasks which are follows:

Daily (2 min) : Before use

• Test Chlorine level.
• Test PH level.
• If water is foaming use anti foam.

Weekly (10 min)

• Check calcium level.
• Clean tub and the area related with it.
• Check electric connection.

Monthly or Periodically (15 min)

• Checking filters.
• Machinery functions.

You can make your own schedule as per you convenient. Let’s talk about the electricity consumption. Specifically, it depends on the size and type of the pool. Normally, it comes around $6.00 per week to run a spa pool. However, if you want, you can appoint a person to maintain your spa pool. Your part will be only enjoying it.

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