Don’t do experiments with your Trampoline!

I have a trampoline (ג’קוזי לגינה) which I got 3 months back. I used it with all the precautions but after 3 months I started experimenting the wrong way with it. Like, I started jumping zigzag or in odd manner. Believe me; I will never suggest you to do experiments with your trampoline as per my experience. Actually, I planned to buy a trampoline when I used it once in my cousin’s house, from the next day I started thinking and dreaming getting a new stylish trampoline. The experiments which I will never suggest you to do with your trampoline are:

• Always take bouncing very low, don’t every try to start very high jump without safety precautions.
• Do not wear any jewelry while jumping on it.
• Do not jump while you are too tired, drunk, etc.
• More than 1 person should not jump at a time.
• Always wear safety pads while jumping and use the belts according to your weight.

These are some basic safety precautions which you can follow while using your trampoline; After all it is all about fun and good health and not getting injured. I would suggest you to get little bit training before using it. Trampoline is good for the health. It increases the working capacity and endurance. Exercises give you positive energy and also make you energetic for the whole week. The only drawback of trampoline is; you have to take some precautions and spend time.

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