Maintain Your Trampoline

When you buy a trampoline (ג’קוזי לגינה), I am sure you are very excited to use it and after few months you are still using it. But, remember to maintain it as well. If you don’t maintain it will not last long or it may be become useless very soon. The main parts of a trampoline are mat, springs, replacement net, pole foam sleeves, ladder and so on. Parts can vary according to the type of the trampoline. If your trampoline is in guarantee period you no need to worry but if it is not, take some precautions.

Generally, trampolines need hardly any maintenance. Some instructions which you should follow:

• Missing or Broken springs.
• Loops are connected with clips.
• Replacements of the safety pads.

Another important thing is trampoline’s mat. Whether it is waterproof or not if you installed the trampoline outdoor the mat must be waterproof otherwise it will be damaged. If it is waterproof still you can get a cover for the mat. While check trampoline if you find any scratch or cut, fix it as soon as possible or before the next jump.

Some basic things to remember: Do no drag the trampoline across the ground; do not put the trampoline on the wet sand otherwise it will be misbalanced and it can cause some cracks. After following some basic and minor you can use the trampoline for long time. Some minor factors can cause big disaster.

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