Jacuzzi- A part of daily routine

Jacuzzi (ג’קוזי) attracts people of every age group. But, Does anyone think that, Is it good to use Jacuzzis? Jacuzzi refreshes and gives positive energy to everyone. It recharges people with 100% energy every time. People come across different situations, Hyper Tension, High Blood Pressure, Pregnancies, and a lot of issues but, Is Jacuzzi effective in each one of these issues? The Answer for this question is No because there is nothing which can be claimed as a panacea of all ailments including Jacuzzi.

We add some chemical in the form of Soaps, Essence, Foam soaps, Chlorine and it is difficult to know which chemical is harmful for you and which is not. So, take precautions while using these products. Doctors do not suggest Jacuzzis in high blood pressure and hyper tension because Jacuzzi tends to increase the heart beats which causes hyper-tension or high blood pressure otherwise it is Ok to use Jacuzzi. But, it does not mean that if a person who has low blood pressure can use Jacuzzi to regularize his blood pressure.

It is also recommended that pregnant women should not use Jacuzzis or spa pools because of the same reason i.e. hot water. While in pregnancy woman’s heart has to do double work, it has to pump the blood in mother as well as child’s vessels. Hot water can increase the pressure on mother’s heart.

With some precautions anyone can use Jacuzzi and have fun with friends.

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