Make Your Spa Pool Eco-Friendly

Do you love spa pool (בריכת ספא)? If Yes, so don’t worry it is a sign of being Luxurious and living a comfortable life. But, Have you every though the disadvantages of spa pools? Not to you but to the atmosphere and to the earth. For Example: After taking a wonderful spa treatment we flush out the water and at the same time we flush some chemical wastes also. The Waste water contains chlorine, body oil, bacteria, germs, etc but, the most important thing is water. Currently, we are fighting global warming so, we could participate to save the world.

First to save water we can install a water purifier which will help to recycle the water. If it sounds little bit expensive, so we can go for some low budget measures, like storing rain water which can be used not only for spa pool but also for other usages.

There is one scientific formula as well which is “Reduce Chemical Use = Reduce need of so much chlorine”. The Cosmetics products we use have some chemicals, so you can take a shower before going for spa treatment. There are other tips which help to make spa pool eco-friendly:

Replacing pool’s filter pump: It is the second or third largest home’s power consuming product after air conditioner. So, maintain the filter pump to reduce the electricity bill.
Automatic switches: An Automatic system can control the spa pool very efficiently and can switch off the system when it is not needed automatically.
Robotic Cleaner: You can use Robotic cleaner to save your time and energy which can clean the spa pool very efficiently in very less time.

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