Is Trampoline safe for exercises?

The word “Trampoline” (ג’קוזי לגינה) is a source of energy because it gives excitement, fun, entertainment and so on. Each and every person will be interested to jump on the trampoline. Every person has a child in himself and any games which gives the thrill of flying or tossing in the air will always attract a person e.g. A Trampoline.

A Trampoline can be used for exercise, fun but also for games. Some Outdoor games can be played on trampoline like: Trampoline Football, Trampoline Dodge ball or Attack the Castle, etc. Different types of actions or exercises can perform on a trampoline-It could be jumping, jogging, rebounding, etc, which stretches the muscles. It is possible the jumper may get some muscular pain in beginning but he/she will become used to.

Let’s come to our question: “Is Trampoline safe for exercises?”  Yes, it is for safe exercises but, it depends on how you do it, how much safety do you follow or the exercise you do, is it suitable for you..? While Installing keep in mind the basic factors like, clearance between yourself and the ceiling, the net used surrounding the Trampoline and tension on the bounce mat.

Now, The Basic question arises that: For how much time a person should exercise on a Trampoline? For a regular or normal exercise 10 min is enough but, there is not time limit for fun. A child can ‘bop out’ on a trampoline for hours.

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