A Swimming pool  cannot be considered as a spa pool (בריכת ספא) because there is a little bit of difference between a spa pool and a swimming pool. A Swimming pool and Spa Pool both is simply a tub of water which can be public or private and both can be over ground or under ground but, the main difference between spa pool and swimming pool is: A Spa pool contains hot water but swimming pool may not.

It is very easy to install a spa pool. Few things to keep in mind while installing a spa pool like: Wiring, Space, Watering system, insulation material, etc. It is better to hire a person who can design it. The Design and color is also an important factor because, that shows the style, status, look, etc.

Now days, Spa is also considering a therapy which, helps people for relaxation purpose and they are commonly found in hotels, massage parlors, etc. Remember spa stores hot water so it is very necessary to purify the water because, after sometime it may be contaminated with harmful bacteria and germs. The material which use to clean spa pools are spa chlorine or bromine tablets, which helps to kill all the bacteria, fungus, germs, etc and keeps the water clean.

After all the maintenance the spa pool will work smoothly. There are different types of spas like: Medical, Health, Day, Resort, etc. but, it depends on what kind of treatment you need.  So, get a spa pool and enjoy the time…!

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