Installing Trampoline (ג’קוזי לגינה ) in a mall or shopping mall is a good business now day. It attracts people and kids. You can find trampoline in most of the malls because; this gives a good business to the shopkeepers and other retails. Trampoline is also known as Bounce Mat or Trampoline Bed. It is nothing just a circular rubber mat which gives a reverse force when a person jumps on the mat with the safety belts for protection. In other words, a taught piece of fabric stretched over a steel frame using coiled springs. This gives an adventurous time to the jumper. The Safety belt depends on the weight of the jumper’ and it could be single or double.

Trampoline comes in different types and ranges. This depends on the size, shape, quality, etc or if a person requires so, it can be recreational. Mainly, A Trampoline designed for 2 purposes, first is the indoor and second is the outdoor but, the most important thing is that it also has weight limit so, before buying one consult with an advisor to get the right one.

It is also recommend by the doctors, that rebound exercises (the healthiest and safest) are very helpful for heart and joints. Bouncing on equipment like this burns more calories in compare to others. So, get a trampoline for your backyard and enjoy the healthiest and safest exercise for you and your kids. According to experts Trampoline should be done properly otherwise it could cause injuries or serious problem.

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